Erik is a wonderful mentor who has inspired me to write. He has helped me to formulate my ideas in a concise manner and has been a great help in building my confidence. He has also been a great help with my math courses and he has taught me how to think for myself and problem solve. I have confidence now when I write an essay or take a math test. Thank you! Looking forward to working with Erik again.

Ashley Taylor

Erik tutors our son in Western Civilization. His depth of knowledge in this course along with his exceptional skills in tutoring have been an invaluable asset. Our son actively incorporates his analysis and suggestions. Erik is always prepared and consistent. He has my highest recommendation.

Jean Fruth

My child used to hate math. He would say things like "I'm stupid", "I'm not good at math". Despite putting him in homework club after school for a year to work on math, there was no apparent improvement in his work or attitude. That's when I turned to Erik. After just a summer of tutoring, my child began his 7th grade year ready for math. His teacher says he is a totally different kid - strong and confident in math and never hesitant to raise his hand and participate. Now my child says math is one of his favorite subjects. I owe it all to Erik. He's excellent - very clear, methodical, patient, and gives me very detailed reports on my child's strengths and challenges. I never hesitate to recommend him to other families. And now, he is working with my older son on SAT prep for college. I'm truly grateful for Erik and the support he is giving to my sons.

Cynthia Louie
Synergy School

Kiara used to sit down in front of a blank page to write an essay and produce nothing. Erik gave her a voice and has brought her ideas and opinions into the open. Kiara has developed tools to analyze literature, structure essays and formulate ideas. Kiara has had a complete turnaround in her attitude towards writing. The caring, nurturing nature of the relationship has allowed her to emerge with newfound confidence. Erik is student-centered, making the student conscious of his or her own learning process. And Erik has not only transformed Kiara as a writer but has become a very important personal mentor. I cannot thank him enough.

Carolyn Boboff
Parent of Katherine Delmar Burke’s Kiara Boboff

We have worked with Erik for several years now and I can truly say that he was instrumental in preparing my son throughout high school and the subsequent college application process. As my son heads off to Middlebury College this fall, I am confident that the writing, analytical and critical thinking skills that Erik helped him refine have him well prepared for their rigorous curriculum.

Jay Ernst
Parent of University High School student

Erik can relate to my film and theatre interests and uses these to help me compose more creatively and analytically.

Ryan Soifer
The Bay School

What I appreciate about mentoring is the private one on one attention that allows me to concentrate in a stress-free environment where I can share ideas and ask questions without feeling pressure like in a classroom.

Grace Leong
Lick-Wilmerding High School

Erik is a genuine person whose ability to help students shows both in our mentoring sessions and in the academic results. He knows how to steer me to discover themes and nuances I had not seen in material and provides a creative approach to improving my information-gathering and organizational skills

Sam Blau
Lick-Wilmerding High School

When I don’t see the way through a problem, Erik gives me prompts and really makes me think until I come up with the answer myself.

Zack Karrasch
University High School

Through his thoughtful approach to mentoring, Erik has helped my son obtain a deeper understanding of the material presented in class. In addition, Erik has enabled my son to critically analyze ideas and prepare for exams more effectively.

Alyce Werdel
Parent of University High School student

Erik did a fantastic job providing our son with English writing support.  Erik’s comments were always insightful. He encourages his students to come up with their own solutions based on carefully crafted feedback.  Our son grew tremendously as a writer through their work together.

Linda Gerard-Grossman
Parent of Lick-Wilmerding High School student

Erik’s expertise and understanding of all current issues that parents of pre-college high school students deal with- college applications, essays, and SAT exams-is superb. We are greatly satisfied with the results of his mentoring.

Dina Kushnir
Jewish Community High School of the Bay

I can heartily commend Erik Gleibermann to parents and high school students studying English and subjects such as Western Civilization or the History of Art. Mr Gleibermann is well-prepared, able, obliging and responsive.

Nigel Katz
University High School

As a student who struggles with grammar I was helped enormously by Erik’s experience with writing and knowledge regarding proper grammar. Erik also helped me with essay structure and formulating my ideas into concise and meaningful paragraphs that flowed together into my final essay.

Jack Courtney
The Bay School

I cannot thank Erik enough for being the prime catalyst for my son to improve his SAT score by over 350 points. The improvement enabled him to be accepted at colleges and universities that would have denied him entry otherwise.

Bruce Gottlieb
Jewish Community High School

Erik guided my son Will in his argumentative writing, helping him refine his writing into a college level analysis. His work became more intuitive and less of a struggle throughout the year culminating in strong grades on several of his final papers.

We could not be happier with Erik's work with both our sons. The eldest scored 2100 on his SAT's after working with Erik. The younger significantly improved his understanding of analogies and algebra concepts in preparation for the SSAT's.

Samuel & Jenny Silva-Roland
Lowell High School and Aptos Middle School

Erik has helped my son understand larger concepts on a much deeper level and he has answered fundamental questions about topics, helping him achieve a greater understanding of course materials.

University High School student

Erik's vast knowledge was invaluable when taking University High School’s notorious Western Civilization course. Erik was able not only to provide information, but help better my study habits. In writing he always seems to be able to ask the insightful question to direct me down a path that leads to a much stronger interpretation and explanation. Much of my long-term success has come from skills learned with Erik.

Cutter Jones
University High School